Mustang's magical landscape evolves with every season passing, each has a unique taste of its own.

March - May

For nature lovers, spring is the best time to visit Lower Mustang. You can see colourful blooms of the local flowers. These months are also some of the windiest months of the year.

In Upper Mustang, April and May are great months to cross high passes and climb small. It is the time when you meet mountain climbers wishing to climb the high peaks of Nepal.

May is the time of the biggest three-day festival of Mustang, ‘Tiji Festival”, which takes place on the premises of the former king of Mustang’s palace.

June - August

Upper Mustang falls in the rain shadow area of the Annapurna range. Hence, it doesn’t experience a wet summer like most parts of Nepal and you can enjoy pristine weather, great trail condition, and an excellent landscape with spectacular mountain views. It is also the perfect season to spot the exotic wildlife of the region like Pallas cat, Tibetan wolf.

However, Lower Mustang does experience a wet summer, unlike Upper Mustang. The hiking trails will be wet and muddy. Yet the monsoon is nothing like the torrential rainfall experienced in lower regions of Nepal... more »

September - November

September, October, and November considered Autumn are the peak season for treks in Mustang. It has the clearest skies with amazing views of the surrounding landscape and mountain peaks.

The two of the biggest festivals of Nepal “Dashain and Tihar” are celebrated in the lower regions of Nepal.

December - February

December, January, and February are winter months in Nepal. It is cold, especially at night, but will reward you with an incredible mountain view. Upper Mustang also gets heavy snowfall during the winter months. Lower Mustang Treks in winter are beautiful with occasional snowfall. You can enjoy winter games with the locals in the area.