Push Your Boundaries of Exploration

A highly personalised privately guided guest experience programme honours the traditions of Sherpa hospitality and has been curated exclusively for our guests. These include unique cultural excursions, trekking, horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, archery, hiking, helicopter tours and wellness.

Discover the Buddhist Kingdom

Ancient villages like Marpha, Jhong, Thini and Kagbeni and monasteries like Zharkot are spread across the majestic Himalayas practicing century-old traditions. Upper Mustang, the last Buddhist Kingdom to open its doors to the world, is today the place to discover the Tibetan Plateau and Tibetan Buddhist Culture.
Cycling in Mustang

Visit the Muktinath Temple

Sacred to both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the temple receives thousands of annual pilgrimages mainly from Nepal and India. Attracted by a rather metaphysical belief, followers that take a bath in its natural cold spring pools filled up by 108 cow head spigots, are guaranteed salvation after human death. The temple is also widely recognized for its natural gas eternal flame and majestic views of the Himalayas.


Explore the sky caves

Explore the Sky Caves - Mustang Caves

Thousands of man-made caves lie on the step mountain valleys of Mustang, approximately 50 meters above the Kali Gandaki River. The 2,000-year-old Buddhist sculptures and paintings found inside are as of today a mystery archeologists have not been able to explain; who made them and how did they manage to climb onto the caves

Archery in Nepal

Bon Villages and Tradition

One of the hidden treasures of Mustang, Bon is a Tibet-born culture that flourished parallel to Buddhism and mainly practices shamanism. This has led to its followers being persecuted out of Tibet and sometimes forced to convert to Buddhism. Known for rituals such as the Sky Burial, the culture has never entirely vanished from the Himalayas.

Hiking in Upper Mustang

Breakfast at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint

Yharu-Zho is derived from the Thakali language which translates to English, Yha “Yak”, Ru “Horn”, Zho “Top of the hill”. A leisurely breakfast in the lap of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Nilgiri at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint (3750 m). An early morning journey to the viewpoint will take 4 hours hike or 45 minute drive where you can view astounding mountains and feel the warmth of morning sunshine.

Mustang trekking

Horse Riding

Ride a Mustang horse with a local Sherpa and experience the rhythm and lifestyle of the Mustang Kingdom. Until the 21st century, horses have been the only way to traverse the Himalayas other than by foot, locals have domesticated and mastered the art of horse-riding in order to source goods and travel to exchange these with other villages. From short daily rides to the neighboring villages in Lower Mustang up to long multi-day excursions to Upper Mustang.

yoga in Nepal

Spa Therapies

Entrenched in the wellness practices of the Himalayas, our Spa offers a wide range of therapies and natural medicinal practices. Massages with herbs and other natural elements inspired by ancient teachings are available to our guests.

Mustang trekking

Yoga, Movement Therapy & Meditation

Every morning starts with a Yoga Asana (posture) sequence session. Aligned with breathing practices and guided meditations incorporated in the movement flow, to relax, strengthen and energize body and mind. The wellness experts are available for guests to schedule individual yoga and physical therapy programs to work on specific areas or to learn and deepen their own personal practice. The resort’s Exclusive Experiences include wellbeing retreats led by industry professionals and Buddhist monks or nuns from Mustang´s monasteries.

yoga in Nepal


Learn the century-old tradition of archery from local experts and master control over the bow and arrow. Private lessons for our guests are available at an archery field nearby the resort.

Mustang trekking

Hiking and Trekking

Plan and venture into guided treks across Mustang´s desert and snow-capped peaks, fertile farmlands, glacier lakes, remote villages and Buddhist monasteries. Encounter wild horses, yaks and a wide range of wildlife while walking along the Kali Gandaki River and enjoying views of glaciers at every turn. From short daily hikes starting from our resort to neighboring villages and surrounding mountains to multi-day excursions, staying at local guest houses curated by Shinta Mani standards or camping in style all the way up to the Tibet border.

yoga in Nepal

Mountain Biking

Experience the adventure of riding a world-class mountain bike through the Himalayan beautiful landscapes. All riders are supported by a jeep caring for all guest supplies, technicians and tools necessary to enjoy the ride. From short daily drives to the neighboring villages in the lower Mustang up to long multi-day excursions to Upper Mustang.