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Our highly personalised privately guided guest experience programme honours the traditions of Sherpa hospitality and has been curated exclusively for our guests. These include unique cultural excursions, trekking, horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, archery, hiking, helicopter tours and wellness.

Discover the Buddhist Kingdom

As a healing addition to the traditional Himalayan bathing ritual, artemisia, a herb renowned for its natural analgesic qualities, is commonly used. The ritual entails immersing oneself in mineral-rich water, which contains floating sprigs of mustang, while being enveloped by candlelight. It concludes with savoring a hot apple cider as the sun sets.

Explore the Sky Caves

There are thousands of man-made caves in the steep mountain valleys of Mustang, approximately 50 meters above the Kali Gandaki River. The 2,000-year-old Buddhist sculptures and paintings found inside are a mystery to archeologists who cannot explain who made them and how they got there.

Breakfast at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint

Yharu-Zho is derived from the Thakali language which translates to English as Yha (yak), Ru (horn), Zho (top of the hill). Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the lap of Mount Dhaulagiri and Mount. Nilgiri at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint (3,750 m). An early morning journey to the viewpoint will take 4 hours hiking or 45 minute driving with exquisite mountain views and the warmth of the morning sun.

Wellness Therapies

Entrenched in the wellness practices of the Himalayas, our Wellness Center offers a wide range of therapies and natural medicinal practices, including massages with herbs and other natural elements inspired by ancient teachings and traditions.


Learn the ancient skill of archery from local experts and master control over the bow and arrow. Private lessons for our guests are available at a nearby archery field.

Let Us Plan Your Trip

Experience an extraordinary journey with our in-house travel service, crafted to embody the unparalleled SM experience at every step.
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